H2O – The cycle of life – 2016 (eBook about the water cycle and human activities that impact on this) – ISBN: 978-85-910573-3-7

RIBEIRÃO ANHUMAS at School: collaborative research between school and university generating contextualized and interdisciplinary knowledge – 2015 – ISBN:978-85-444-0443-0

Intestinal Parasites :Major human parasites transmitted by Water or Food – 2013 – ISBN 978-85-63473-12-7:

Ribeirão Anhumas na Escola – continuing education project elaborating school knowledge related to science, society and the environment-  2013 – ISBN: 978-85-8042-559-8

Starting the online studies and the use of Moodle 2012 – ISBN: 978-85-63473-10-3

Biology in Multimedia: user guide2004 – ISBN:8590126137

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